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The Mountain Goats: 2021

"Marquee Live at Home" with The Mountain Goats

"Marquee Live at Home" with The Mountain Goats



[October 2021 update: The Mountain Goats' version of "Picture of My Dress" from this show is on our new collection of exclusive live performances, FUV Live 24. Pick up your copy when you support WFUV.]

The Mountain Goats have released critically acclaimed records for the past two and half decades. Last year marked the arrival of two new albums for the band — Songs For Pierre Chuvin and Getting Into Knives — the latter of which was recorded at Sam Phillips Recording in Memphis.

While the themes and imagery may shift and change, the consistent, brilliant songwriting is always at the core. The genius of a live Mountain Goats show is something else entirely, though, so I was thrilled to host their recent "Marquee Live at Home" performance for WFUV.

John Darnielle and Matt Douglas could not have been more charming or engaging, playing a few of the new songs as well as closing the show with what John described as "the song that God put me on this Earth to write": "This Year."


  • Corsican Mastiff Stride
  • Younger
  • Picture of My Dress
  • You or Your Memory
  • Getting Into Knives
  • This Year

[Recorded: 1/27/21]