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Temples: Rockwood Music Hall 2020

Temples at Rockwood Music Hall (photo by Gus Philippas/WFUV)

Temples at Rockwood Music Hall (photo by Gus Philippas/WFUV)



Back in 2012, singer and guitarist James Bagshaw and bassist Thomas Warmsley of Temples released their first single, “Shelter Song," a sunny nugget of psychedelic pop. It was conceived in a home studio in Kettering, England, and first uploaded on YouTube.

It’s fair to say that the song changed Bagshaw and Warmsley’s lives. They were signed by Heavenly Recordings, released “Shelter Song” as a properly distributed single, and expanded as a quartet. By the winter of 2014, Temples had released their lush, retro-glam, reverb-drenched debut album, Sun Structures, and were playing sold-out gigs in the UK and North America.

The band’s third album, Hot Motion, came out last fall and it’s an intoxicating brew of mutable moods and euphoric, fuzzed-out guitar. Unlike 2017’s Volcano, which dipped heavily into keyboards and synths, with Hot Motion, Temples re-establish their identity as a dedicated guitar band.

Over the years, Temples' lineup has shifted. In addition to longtime rhythm guitarist Adam Smith, they’ve recently added drummer Rens Ottink as a permanent member. That change has clearly energized the quartet, evident as they took the stage at Rockwood Music Hall for this FUV Live show for our Marquee Members.

Temples’ set covered all three of their albums, including their latest single, “Holy Horses," and an ecstatic jam on "Mesmerise," from Sun Structures. Bagshaw, Warmsley and Smith also spoke about their decision to record an album that felt more aligned with their own artistic goals and why you should never compare them to Tame Impala.


  • The Howl
  • Certainty
  • You're Either On Something
  • Colours To Life
  • Holy Horses
  • Hot Motion
  • Keep In The Dark
  • Shelter Song
  • Mesmerise

[Recorded: 1/22/20; Engineers: Hear No Evil and Jim O'Hara; Producer: Sarah Wardrop]