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Tei Shi: 2017

Tei Shi and band at WFUV

Tei Shi and band at WFUV (photo by Brian Gallagher)



Long ago, as a ten-year-old girl, Valerie Teicher, who now records as Tei Shi, made cassette recordings that captured her youthful doubts, fears and dreams.

For Teicher’s 2017 debut album, Crawl Space, those childhood tapes made a re-appearance as brief bridges between tracks, offering a touching counterpoint to the Berklee College of Music grad's perspective as an adult.

Born in Buenos Aires and raised in Bogotá and Vancouver, Teicher has a led a nomadic life over the years and Crawl Space shares that roving spirit — it was recorded in Montreal, Los Angeles and New York. And Tei Shi also refuses to be pinned down when it comes to genre either. Songs like “Baby,” “Justify” or “Say You Do” flip effortlessly between pop, soul, R&B and dance.

Teicher, who lives in Brooklyn but is eyeing a Los Angeles move, visited FUV’s Studio A for the first time and discussed the life’s journey that shapes her debut album.

[recorded: 10/26/17]