Tedeschi Trucks Band: 2016

Susan Tedeschi, Carmel Holt and Derek Trucks at WFUV

Image Caption: Susan Tedeschi, Carmel Holt and Derek Trucks at WFUV
by Carmel Holt | 09/25/2017 | 5:24pm

It’s been said that being in a band is like a marriage. If that is so, Derek Trucks and Susan Tedeschi have married each other twice, giving new meaning to the term “power couple."

Since meeting over a decade ago, both with their own successful solo careers, they have been on a steady road towards joining forces. They first married in 2001 and in 2010, founded the Tedeschi Trucks Band. The affirmation of their work came immediately: they won a Grammy for their 2011 debut, Revelator.

Now five years and three albums later, 2016 finds them more dedicated to their band—and each other—than ever before. Derek recently ended his 15-year tenure with The Allman Brothers, interestingly, the band that initially brought Susan and Derek together, when she was touring as the opening act. It would seem that the end has brought them to the beginning, as closing that chapter has now freed them to put everything into the Tedeschi Trucks Band.

Tonight on FUV Live, Susan and Derek talk about how this deeply committed, transformative phase of their 12-piece band resulted in their most fully-formed album to date, Let Me Get By.

[recorded: 1/8/16]

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