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Take Five with The Alternate Side: The Helio Sequence

Fridays on FUV, Take Five with The Alternate Side. This week: The Helio Sequence.

The flood that severely damaged The Helio Sequence's studio and equipment a few years ago also afforded the Portland, Oregon duo the chance to start anew with a clean slate. The setback was a push forward, giving singer/guitarist Brandon Summers and drummer/keyboardist Benjamin Weikel the perfect excuse to purchase gear — much of it with a vintage twist — and discover a new path that led to their fifth album, Negotiations.

The record, out now on Sub Pop,  is awash in dualities, both carefully crafted and freewheeling, which also describes Summers and Weikel's recent conversation with The Alternate Side. Listen to The Helio Sequence's exquisite four-song session when it airs on TAS on 91.5 WNYE today at 11 a.m. EST, and also online. Read highlights of the inteview and watch more performance videos at The Alternate Side.