Sunny War: The Loft at City Winery 2023

Sunny War (photo by Gus Philippas, PR)
by Alisa Ali | 08/30/2023 | 6:46am

Sunny War (photo by Gus Philippas, PR)

Sunny War is one of the most intriguing musicians to have emerged from Los Angeles's vibrant folk-punk scene — and we were happy to welcome her to the Loft at City Winery for an FUV Live concert. On her new album, Anarchist Gospel, the now Nashville-based guitarist, singer, and songwriter — real name Sydney Ward — mixes those genres together, along with a warm dose of country and blues.

Sunny's songs on Anarchist Gospel retrace not only the end of a relationship, but an intense period in her life when she battled self-destructive behaviors. She’s modest about her lyrics and downplays her skills, but Sunny really comes alive playing guitar and you can see and feel her confidence in those moments. 

Listen to Sunny War's captivating set on demand in the player above, and watch videos of her performance below.

Set List:

  • Can I Sit With You
  • Big Baby
  • Lucid Lucy
  • Got No Ride
  • Soul Tramp
  • No Reason
  • New Day
  • His Love
  • Whole

Check out FUV's Flickr for more photos of the concert.

[Recorded: 2/1/23; Engineered by Jim O'Hara and produced by José Ozoria]

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