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Strip Clubs Receive Thousands In Tax Breaks


Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer says New York City taxpayers should not have to subsidize strip clubs, some of which receive more than $37,000 in tax breaks a year.

Standing outside the Penthouse Executive Gentleman’s Club, Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer called upon Albany to stop “senseless city property tax exemptions”.

This comment followed a Daily News report that found strip clubs in the city receiving thousand of dollars in tax breaks under a program developed in the 1970s.

The Industrial and Commercial Incentive Program was originally implemented to give businesses the incentive to stay in the city, rehabilitate old buildings, and create jobs, but now, Stringer says businesses that do not need the incentive are abusing it.  He is asking the city and Albany for more accountability and oversight regarding what businesses can qualify for the benefits under this program.

“As families struggle, teachers, police and firefighters face the prospect of layoffs and long-term economic outlook remains uncertain, New York City can no longer afford these types of thoughtless giveaways that do nothing to enrich business or quality of life.”

 A spokesman for the city’s Department of Finance told the Daily News the department is looking into the matter.