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Spring Awakening

Spring crocuses (photo by Conger Design for Pixabay)

Spring crocuses (photo by Conger Design for Pixabay)


It's Benham Jones in for Corny O'Connell. Settling into this weekend high on the promise of a bright future because tomorrow it is officially SPRING! The tail slap of the post-pandemic winter has been heavy on us all but let's keep our eyes (and ears) on the prize: in honor of tomorrow's equinox, we are looking for songs that name-check the most elusive of seasons.

Let me know your picks and a set will spring up around 9 a.m.

Songs played:

1. Tom Waits, "You Can Never Hold Back Spring"
2. Jonathan Richman, "Springtime in New York"
3. Ella Fitzgerald, "It Might As Well Be Spring
4. Beach House, "Dark Spring"
5. Indigo Girls, "Southland In The Springtime"