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Speedy Ortiz: 2015

Speedy Ortiz with Alisa Ali

Speedy Ortiz with Alisa Ali. (Photo by Deirdre Hynes)


Massachusetts-based Speedy Ortiz combines poetic lyrics, quirky rhythms, and guitar sounds that recall all the brashness of '90s indie rock. Recently, the band released their sophomore album called Foil Deer.
Recorded in a month and on a bigger recording budget, the new album is tighter and more carefully constructed than its predecessor. Despite the refined sound, the record still features the sharp guitar riffs, heavy rhythms and clever wordplay the band is known for.
Speedy Ortiz recently stopped by Studio A to play us some of the new songs and talk with me about the new album.  We’ll hear that conversation and performance during this Alternate Side in Session.
[recorded: 4/24/15]