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Sondre Lerche: 2018

Sondre Lerche in Studio A (photo by Dan Tuozzoli/WFUV)

Sondre Lerche in Studio A (photo by Dan Tuozzoli/WFUV)



Norwegian singer, songwriter, and guitarist Sondre Lerche has been putting out consistently well-crafted albums over the last 17 years. They've showcased his affinity for chamber pop, jazz and even Tropicália, with the occasional departure into more punky, garage rock territory.

On his eighth album, 2017’s Pleasure, Lerche dove into synthy, '80s-influenced sounds — more New Order than Elvis Costello. Now he has released a companion album, called Solo Pleasure, which strips away the synths and makes the connection back to his more familiar style.

On his recent visit to Studio A, Lerche played us a couple of songs from Pleasure in the style of Solo Pleasure, and talked a bit about his change in direction as well as the themes these songs explore.

[recorded: 5/7/18]