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Samsaya: FUV Live

Photo by Nick D'Agostino

Photo by Nick D'Agostino Photo by Nick D'Agostino


Effusive, cheerful and self-determined, India-born, Norway-raised and Sweden-based pop singer Samsaya paints a crimson heart over her eye before every performance. It's a talisman of sorts, reminding the singer (and her fans) of her deep love of music, a passion that guided her through some lonely years as a child and teenager trying to bridge two very different cultures.

Earlier this summer, Samsaya released her self-titled EP (her second album, Bombay Calling, will be released in the near future) and she's been opening for Lily Allen in North America. However, Samsaya will have her very own headlining New York show this Monday, September 22, at Mercury Lounge.

Earlier this summer, Samsaya and her bandmates stopped by Studio A for a session for FUV and The Alternate Side; watch their buoyant performance of "Bombay Calling" and the single, "Stereotype." The entire session will air on WFUV later this autumn.


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