Stained glass saints (photo courtesy of Pexels)
by Benham Jones | 05/14/2021 | 5:59am

Stained glass saints (photo courtesy of Pexels)

Benham Jones closing out the week for Corny O'Connell. Exciting night here on WFUV; Annie Clark, aka St. Vincent, will be guest DJ on the latest "8Track" session at 9 p.m. tonight during "The Alternate Side," in conversation with Russ Borris.

I may be up early, but St. Vincent is one of my faves and I will certainly be tuning in tonight (and you should too)! As a heads-up and a little reminder, we are looking for songs that namecheck saints for today's Question of the Day. Let me know your choices and tune in a little after 9 a.m. to see what made the cut!

Songs played:

1. The National, "Wake Up Your Saints"
2. Joan Osborne, "St. Teresa"
3. Blood Orange, "Saint"
4. Bruce Springsteen, "It's Hard To Be A Saint in the City"

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