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River Whyless: 2018

River Whyless at WFUV

River Whyless at WFUV (photo by Brian Gallagher)



North Carolina's River Whyless last graced our studios back in 2016 when the quartet did an FUV Live session supporting their gorgeous sophomore album, We All The Light. The band is back with a follow-up release, Kindness, A Rebel.

The new album features a rich collection of new sounds, artfully arranged with lyrical depth. Song by song, River Whyless examines the current political climate in a sonic safe space. Rather than telling listeners what to think, the songs simply open the door to conversation. 

During this episode of FUV Live, River Whyless perform "Motel 6" and "Van Dyke Brown," and they talk about the making of the new record.

[recorded: 6/14/18]