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Ride: 2015

Ride at WFUV

Ride at WFUV (photo by Sabrina Sitton)



Ride’s 1990 debut album Nowhere is considered one of the most influential of that decade, a pillar of what would be eventually dubbed as shoegaze, alongside bands like Slowdive, Cocteau Twins, and My Bloody Valentine. 

However, after releasing just four albums, Ride broke up in 1996, dealing with their own internal issues and feeling out of step with the Britpop juggernaut. All four members — Andy Bell, Mark Gardener, Loz Colbert and Steve Queralt—embarked on their own paths, including Andy’s stint in Oasis and Beady Eye. 

But in November 2014, Ride announced, to the joy of its dedicated fans, that the band would reunite. Since this past spring, Ride has been toured the world, playing festivals like Primavera Sound, Fuji Rock and Coachella and several shows in New York City. This fall, to mark the silver anniversary of their remarkable first album, they have reissued it as Nowhere 25, featuring a bonus DVD and a 36-page booklet with notes from Bell. 

Bell, Gardener, Colbert and Queralt recently made their first visit to WFUV and discussed their long road to a Ride reunion. They also played three songs from Nowhere, a gorgeous triad of “Vapour Trail," "In a Different Place," and “Polar Bear.”

[recorded: 9/21/15]