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The Record Company: 2018

The Record Company at WFUV

The Record Company at WFUV (photo by Joanna LaPorte)



The Record Company, the Grammy-nominated power rock trio, is in session for tonight's FUV Live at 8.  Imagine the serpentine boogie of John Lee Hooker slithering on stage and up a mic stand held by a dripping wet Iggy Pop at a Stooges show — all while Keith Richards sits in the audience, whittling a piece of driftwood with a switchblade. That’s what the Record Company is going for. 

The members are Chris Vos (guitar, lead vocals), Alex Stiff (bass, backing vocals), and Marc Cazorla (drums, backing vocals). These guys actually like each other.  They are a unit and play for fun, for themselves, and for you.  During this episode of FUV Live, we'll talk about their background and passions in between two new songs, performed live in Studio A.

[recorded: 5/10/18]