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The Raveonettes - FUV Live - 2014

Hear an Alternate Side in Session with The Raveonettes.



Earlier this year, the Danish duo The Raveonettes released its seventh full-length album, Pe'ahi. The album is named after a legendary surf break on the island of Maui, and there is even a track on the new record that recounts a true story about a near-death experience that Sune Rose Wagner had while surfing in Hawaii several years ago. In typical Raveonettes fashion, the songs on the new album deal with dark subject matter, but this time the songs hit even closer to home for Wagner, as he was dealing with the death of his father during the making of the record. Like many people, music helped him deal with this situation and he and his partner, Sharin Foo, ended up making a brilliant record that is a huge sonic leap forward for the band. During a recent Studio A visit, they performed a couple of their older songs for us, which you can watch here.

[recorded: 9/30/14] 

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