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Pure Bathing Culture: 2019

Pure Bathing Culture in Studio A (photo by Kay Kurkierewicz/WFUV)

Pure Bathing Culture in Studio A (photo by Kay Kurkierewicz/WFUV)



Pure Bathing Culture, the Portland, Oregon-based duo of Sarah Versprille and Daniel Hindeman, makes music best suited for when the sun has set. Their latest release, the evening odyssey called Night Pass, is a restless but hopeful journey of perseverance and devotion.

The album’s themes very much match the difficult place that Versprille and Hindemam found themselves in following the release of their second album, 2015’s Pray for Rain. Finding their way out of a music industry morass with the help of producer Tucker Martine, the couple have recorded some of the prettiest songs of their career on Night Pass — which also reinforced the love they have for one another as a couple and collaborators.

In this FUV Live session with Pure Bathing Culture, Versprille and Hindeman performed live in Studio A and spoke candidly about those tough years, which also included the loss in 2018 of their dear friend, early champion and first producer, Richard Swift.

[Recorded: 6/25/19; Engineer: Jim O'Hara; Producer: Sarah Wardrop]