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Public Advocate Pushes for AC on School Buses

Public Advocate Pushes for AC on School Buses
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Letitia James joins concerned parents of special needs children

New York City Public Advocate Letitia James says the Department of Education isn't providing air conditioned school buses to special needs students.

The department is already required by law to contract only with companies that will provide AC, but James says the department is neglecting the students' safety.

"And again, the department of education must do a better job of overseeing contracts with bus companies that are breaking the law," James said.

Thirteen-year-old Ahjaah Jewett is one of those special needs students. She recently rode a school bus that she says was so hot and crowded that she had to call 911 because she felt so sick.

"I know that when it's hot outside, it should be cool inside the bus, but that's not what happened to my bus," said Jewett.

There are over 23,000 students with disabilities in New York City.