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Power Play

NYC Blackout, July 13, 1977 (AP Photo/1977)

NYC Blackout, July 13, 1977 (AP Photo/1977)


Paul Cavalconte sitting in for Corny O'Connell. On this day in sweltering 1977, New York screeched to a halt with one of the city's biggest blackouts ever!

If you remember, if it's family lore, or if you can relate by having experienced one of the (thankfully few) subsequent power outages in this town, or anywhere else, let's throw the light switch on some music that has the juice!

Plug into some high-voltage songs that reference energy, light, electricity! Your power-play song choices spin just after 9 a.m.

Songs played:

1. Maggie Rogers: "Light On"
2. Gary Numan: "Are Friends Electric?"
3. MGMT: "Electric Feel"
4. Eddy Grant: "Electric Avenue"