Pop Music Fever Dream: 2023

Pop Music Fever Dream (photo by Gus Philippas for FUV)
by Alisa Ali | 08/30/2023 | 6:46am

Pop Music Fever Dream (photo by Gus Philippas for FUV)

This spring, New York's Pop Music Fever Dream won a battle of the bands event that was put on by our pals with the Queens-based queer mutual aid organization, Dave's Lesbian Bar. 

The quartet's raucous performance made them the clear winner on stage, so I invited them to FUV's Studio A to capture some of that same energy.

The post-punk/No wave band — frontman Tim Seeberger, guitarist Nicole Harwayne, drummer Domenico Bancroft, and bassist Carmen Castillo — played us a set, including two selections from their 2022 EP, Songs for Promoters — "The Internet (And Other Modern Observations) Vol. 1" and "Control." I also interviewed Seeberger about some of the things that inspire his music.

He explained his love and hate relationship with the internet and finding support within his local community.

Listen to their feverish set (see what I did there?) in the player above, watch videos below, and check out more photos of their kinetic set via FUV's Flickr.

[Recorded: 6/21/23; Engineered by Jim O'Hara, Allen Wang, and Erin Merriman; produced by Meghan Offtermatt]

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