Phoebe Bridgers: 2017

Phoebe Bridgers at WFUV
by Kara Manning | 09/19/2017 | 12:00am

Phoebe Bridgers at WFUV

Los Angeles singer and songwriter Phoebe Bridgers has an impressive list of famous fans. Impressed by Phoebe’s sophisticated songwriting, Julien Baker and Conor Oberst have frequently recruited Bridgers as their opening act on tour and she'll be supporting the War on Drugs this fall.

Along with Bridgers' early champions, music critics are now calling her one of the most compelling young artists to release a debut album in 2017. That debut, called Stranger in the Alps, reveals an artist who possesses a fearless and quietly potent voice, tackling subjects like self-doubt, romantic mistrust, and depression. Despite the darker hues of her lyrics, there’s a luminous quality to Bridgers' songwriting. One of her major influences is Elliott Smith — and like Smith, she articulates her more melancholy moods with humor, insight and poignancy.

When Phoebe Bridgers came by FUV’s Studio A, she brought along her longtime collaborator and friend Harrison Whitford to play two songs from Stranger in the Alps. She also discussed the serendipitous journey she’s traveled as a singer and songwriter — and how she managed to coax the legendary John Doe onto one of her songs.

[recorded: 8/2/17]

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