Okkervil River: Rockwood Music Hall 2016

Okkervil River at Rockwood Music Hall

Image Caption: Okkervil River at Rockwood Music Hall
by Russ Borris | 08/18/2020 | 5:36pm

The latest album from Okkervil River called Away represents a significant change for Will Sheff. It's a change in how he wrote, a change in personnel, and in many ways, a change in philosophy.

The results are simply brilliant, and I was thrilled to host an exclusive show with the band at Rockwood Music Hall for WFUV members. The new songs sounded incredible, but it was also inspiring to see Will's energy when performing some reworked old favorites. New life was breathed into those songs and with that a new vision was clear. Take a listen to Okkervil River 2.0!


  • Our Life Is Not A Movie Or Maybe
  • The Industry
  • Plus Ones
  • Call Yourself Renee
  • Comes Indiana Through the Smoke
  • Judey On A Street
  • Mary On A Wave
  • Okkervil River R.I.P.
  • Unless It's Kicks
  • For Real

[recorded: 9/13/16]


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