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New Report Offers Ways New York City Can Better Prepare for...

New Report Offers Ways New York City Can Better Prepare for Future Natural Disasters
Mayor Bloomberg's office unveils "After-Action" Report.

A new report from Mayor Michael Bloomberg's office gives recommendations on how the  city can better prepare for natural disasters.

The After-Action Report comes after Superstorm Sandy damaged parts of the Big Apple The  recommendations include more generators, more mobile fuel facilities, and a faster  response from city workers.

Mayor Bloomberg said Friday on his weekly WOR radio show that the city will be better prepared for future storms.

"We now have a blueprint so the next time there's a disaster... people will know where the resources are and how we responded," Bloomberg said.

The report says the city did a good job using landline, email, and social media to  alert New Yorkers about Sandy.

"But you can always do everything better, and if we just sit there and say everything  was perfect then shame on us," Bloomberg said.

The report says while the city did alert New Yorkers about the dangers of Sandy, many  people still did not evacuate their homes.