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New Music from The Avett Brothers

Premiere: Hear a new song from The Avett Brothers.

Ahead of the release of their new album, Magpie and the Dandelion — due out in October — The Avett Brothers have released a new song. "Another Is Waiting" is a short song that gets right to the point in typical Avett Brothers fashion, with banjo, guitars and drums. On this track, Seth Avett sings about a person he sees headed down the wrong path. He says she's been sold an idea that is fake and also dangerous, and that she's on a path that lets him see her "skeleton, well before your life is done."  His brother, Scott Avett, comes in for one verse and of course helps out on harmony, lyrically offering help and support while acknowledging that this is something that only she can get herself out of. 

Listen to the track, "Another Is Waiting," here.