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Nancy and Beth: Solid Sound 2017

Nancy and Beth (Megan Mullally and Stephanie Hunt)

Nancy and Beth (Megan Mullally and Stephanie Hunt). [Photo by Laura Fedele/WFUV]


Megan Mullally (yes, of Will & Grace fame) and Stephanie Hunt are birds of a feather. You can imagine they were both the kind of kids who put on shows for the neighbors growing up. Between the two of them they have oodles of talent and decades of experience in song, dance and comedy. What to do with all that? Put on a show!

As Nancy and Beth, these two spell Entertainment with a capital E. They opened 2017's Solid Sound festival with a full set of beauty and wry nonsense, and then "popped up" for a set of songs in one of MASS MOCA's galleries on Saturday afternoon. We were there to capture it on video, below.