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The Mynabirds: 2015

The Mynabirds at WFUV

The Mynabirds at WFUV (photo by Brenna Keeley)



Laura Burhenn adapted the The Mynabirds moniker in 2009 when she began working on the songs for her brilliant debut album, What We Lose in the Fire, We Gain in the Flood. That record was heavily influenced by Sixties soul, but sonically, her second album, Generals, paired her love of John Lennon's music of the '70s with a more aggressive Riot Grrrl sound.  

Burhenn is back now with her third full-length album Lovers Know and again she's exploring another era, revisiting the '80s synth pop and '90s R&B that she grew up on. In addition, Berhenn has incorporated some of her most personal and confessional lyrics to date. 

On a recent trip to New York, Laura stopped by Studio A to talk with me about the new album. She brought her band along as well to play us some of the new songs. We’ll hear that performance and conversation during this episode of FUV Live.


[recorded: 7/16/15]