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Most New Jerseyans say Life is Almost Back to Normal

A new poll shows positive steps towards recovery for New Jersey towns

Six months after Superstorm Sandy and most New Jerseyans say they're on the way to full recovery. 

That's according to a new poll released Monday conducted by Monmouth University and the Ashbury Park Press.  The study shows that overall 80% of residents say they are fully recovered from the storm. Another 67% of New Jerseyans, up from 57% in February, who live in the hardest-hit areas say life has returned to normal.  But 1 in 7 residents, or 15%, say their homes are still badly damaged.  Pollster Patrick Murray said most taxpayers are not too sympathetic when it comes to helping pay for those repairs.

"The feel that people who bought houses down the shore took the risk, they knew what they were doing a lot of them knew were vacations homes and they need take care of that themselves," said Murray. "A lot of our taxpayers need to focus on bailing out business, building boardwalks, things that drive our economy."

But Murray added despite all the devastation, he thinks there will be a good turnout of tourists this season.

"What will happen, as people start to go down to the shore this summer they will be pleasantly surprised by the amount of building that has been taking place over the past few months, even though the shore isn't up to 100% they're not expecting it."

The poll involved 806 residents who live along the Jersey shore, as well as in Hoboken and Jersey City.