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Moby and band at WFUV

Image Caption: Moby and band at WFUV
by Kara Manning | 04/24/2018 | 7:43am

Moby has never shied away from sharing his opinions about the current socio-political climate in the States — he tweets frequently and is a renowned activist, especially when it comes to animal rights.

But for his 15th album, Everything Was Beautiful and Nothing Hurt, Moby sought a gentler approach to his discontent, one focused on the bridge between humanity and spirituality during trying times. The result was this vulnerable, very personal album, the proceeds of which will benefit various animal rights organizations.

Everything Was Beautiful and Nothing Hurt delicately sways between light and dark, sorrow and serenity. There’s a dystopian undertow to songs like the Yeats-influenced “Mere Anarchy” or the majestic “This Wild Darkness,” but not complete resignation. Track by track, there’s sunshine breaking between storm clouds, but plenty of worry too.

Moby performed in Studio A accompanied by two of the vocalists featured on the album —Mindy Jones and Julie Mintz — along with violinist Claudia Chopek and bassist and pianist Jonathon Nesvadba.  He performed four songs, including one from Play, which turns 20 years old next year. Moby also chatted about his complex relationship with New York City, his 2016 memoir Porcelain, and why he’s totally abandoned traditional touring.

[recorded: 3/20/18]


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