The Mavericks


The Mavericks first came together in the late 1980s in Miami. Vocalist and guitarist Raul Malo, bassist Robert Reynolds, drummer Paul Deakin and guitarist Ben Peeler issued their debut album, The Mavericks, in 1990. Peeler would be replaced by David Lee Holt for the second album, From Hell To Paradise, from 1992. As was the situation with Ben Peeler, Holt's stay in the band would also just be for one album. The Mavericks released their third album, What A Crying Shame, in 1994. At the end of the recording sessions, and just before the release of What A Crying Shame, the band welcomed new guitarist Nick Kane into the band. Music For All Occasions would arrive in 1995, folllowed by Trampoline in 1998. Unfortunately, The Mavericks decided to call it quits after Trampoline.  For awhile, it seemed that the 1999 compilation album Super Colossal Smash Hits Of The 90's  The Best Of The Mavericks would be the final word from the band, but fans were thrilled when they returned in 2003, issuing their second self-titled album. The Mavericks introduced yet another lead guitarist into the fold, as Eddie Perez made his debut on the album. They say all good things must come to an end, but it was somewhat surprising when, after 2004's Live In Austin Texas, The Mavericks once again decided they'd had enough. Let's be thankful they realized that you can't keep a good band down! It was cause for celebration in late 2011 when the band announced that they were going to kick it back into gear once again. Original members Raul Malo, Robert Reynolds and Paul Deakin were ready to make Mavericks magic again. Alongside the core three would be Eddie Perez, who first joined the band back in 2003, and newcomer Jerry Dale McFadden. After making the announcement of their reunion, the Mavericks did some touring and released an EP called "Suited Up And Ready" in 2012, setting the stage for their full length reunion album, In Time, in 2013.

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