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Matthew E. White: 2015

Hear an FUV Live session with Matthew E. White tonight at 9.


Virginia-based musician Matthew E. White has a vintage approach and a DIY aesthetic to his music. In fact, he modeled his own studio and record label, Spacebomb, in the fashion of heavyweights like Motown and Stax, with an in-house band and a network of musicians and arrangers helping to craft songs. White's critically-acclaimed debut, Big Inner, was recorded there as was his new record, Fresh Blood, which is a densely layered affair, deftly weaving together bold horns, strings, percussion and White's own vocals. 
The day after his big show at BRIC Arts Media Center here in New York, White stopped by Studio A to talk about and play us some of his new songs.  We’ll hear that performance and conversation during this episode of FUV Live.
[recorded: 3/4/15]
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