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Mammút: 2017

Mammút at WFUV (photo by Joanna LaPorte)

Mammút at WFUV (photo by Joanna LaPorte)



Mammút is one of Iceland’s most successful and critically acclaimed rock bands, led by singer Kata Mogensen, a force of nature with her soaring vocals and dramatic stage persona. For the Reykjavík quintet’s fourth album, Kinder Versions, Mammút made a major shift — they recorded their songs entirely in English, a decision that they hope not only raises their popularity outside of Iceland, but gives the band fresh incentive and direction.

Mammút is also one of the major attractions of 2017’s Iceland Airwaves, which takes place from November 1-5. The band was in New York in earlier this fall to participate in a "Taste of Iceland" showcase with another Reykjavík band, Fufanu.

When Kata and her Mammút bandmates visited FUV’s Studio A, they discussed the challenges of being a big band on a small island and the year-long, season-by-season odyssey of recording Kinder Versions.