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Loma: 2018

Loma in Studio A (photo by Joanna LaPorte/WFUV)

Loma in Studio A (photo by Joanna LaPorte/WFUV)



It's been said that being in a band is like being in a marriage. There have been some famous examples of married couples in bands — and married couples breaking up, but staying together in bands too. The story of Loma is even more improbable and beautiful.

When singer Emily Cross and multi-instrumentalist Dan Duszynski met Jonathan Meiburg in 2016, they were on tour as the band Cross Record and were opening for Meiburg’s group, Shearwater. Cross and Duszynski were also a married couple.

With Meiburg, the three artists formed a musical kinship and decided to try working together on a new project. But just as the sessions got underway, Cross and Duszynski’s marriage dissolved. Eventually, a renewed commitment to the trio's musical relationship emerged and the band Loma was born.

In this Studio A visit, we hear a couple of songs from the band's self-titled debut, and Meiburg and Cross tell us the band's unique story.

[recorded: 5/4/18]