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L.A. Salami: 2017

L.A. Salami in Studio A (photo by Dan Tuozzoli/WFUV)

L.A. Salami in Studio A (photo by Dan Tuozzoli/WFUV)



L.A. Salami is the shorthand nickname of singer-songwriter Lookman Adekunle Salami, who hails from a vibrant modern London music scene and draws from rich influences.

His first full-length album was recorded with Laura Marling's producer Matt Ingram. A fashionable guy, Salami has been called one of Esquire's Ten Most Stylish men in music. His sound is stylish too, as you'll hear below in L.A.'s Studio A performance with his band.

For further listening, Salami also joined me on "Cavalcade" as a guest DJ, and you can hear that eclectic set as part of my August 20 show in the Weekend Archives for the next two weeks.

[recorded: 7/31/17]