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Julien Baker: Artist To Watch

Julien Baker photo by Sachyn Mital

Julien Baker photo by Sachyn Mital


In the spirit of music discovery which guides WFUV, our DJs offer their favorite new artists on the cusp of making it to the next level.

Sometimes the most powerful music comes from a single voice, reaching down into your soul and pulling at your heartstrings. At 20 years old, pint-sized Memphis, TN singer/songwriter Julien Baker has one of those voices. Her 2015 album, Sprained Ankle, is a folk-tinged affair, told from the perspective of a gay, Christian, Southern young woman.

With these odds stacked, Baker boldly brings raw performances that leave her audiences teary-eyed and cheering, after she has poured every ounce of herself into her songs, best heard with pin-drop silent attention.