Julia Jacklin: 2019

Julia Jacklin in Studio A (photo by Dan Tuozzoli/WFUV)
by Kara Manning | 02/21/2019 | 12:01am

Julia Jacklin in Studio A (photo by Dan Tuozzoli/WFUV)

On her 2016 debut, Don’t Let the Kids Win, Australia’s Julia Jacklin wrestled with quarter century concerns — at the age of 25, she acutely felt the pressure of time passing. That beautifully written album launched Jacklin’s career, and now, approaching 30, she’s assessing the past few years on her second solo album, Crushing. Along with her side project, the band Phantastic Ferniture, it’s the third album from Jacklin in three years.

Again, Jacklin's power as a lyricist is the catalyst of this gorgeous, smart, and tough album. On Crushing, she explores romantic disappointments, post-breakup epiphanies, her agency as a woman and an artist, and once again, the swift passage of years.

When Jacklin came by FUV’s Studio A for her second visit, she talked about the dramatic changes in her life, a long way from the Blue Mountains outside of Sydney where she grew up.

[Recorded: 1/24/19; Engineer: Lili Huang; Producer: Sarah Wardrop]

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