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The Joy Formidable: 2018

The Joy Formidable with Kara Manning at WFUV

The Joy Formidable with Kara Manning at WFUV (photo by Nora Doyle)



The Joy Formidable’s fourth album has a guttural howl of a title — AAARTH — and it reflects a transitional time for the group.

The Welsh-English trio, returning to their roots as an indie band, has also altered the locale for this album, traveling around the American Southwest as they wrote and recorded AAARTH. In fact, guitarist and singer Ritzy Bryan now lives in Utah when she’s not on tour.

While rethinking their identity as a band, the Joy Formidable found some answers in  AAARTH, which embraces the qualities that make them so compelling, especially as a live act. There are lush, reverb-rich anthems, thrilling rock ‘n’ roll assaults, and more intimate moments of rumination: the band's versatility is evident on these very personal songs.

It was a treat to welcome Ritzy, Rhydian Daydd, and Matt Thomas back to FUV’s Studio A for the first time since a freezing day in January 2010 on their first visit to the Bronx, long before they released their debut album.

[recorded: 9/19/18]