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Joseph Arthur: Clearwater 2015

Joseph Arthur

Joseph Arthur at the Clearwater Festival 2015. (Photo by Gus Philippas/WFUV)



When Shelby Lynne had to cancel her Clearwater performance, we were thrilled that Joseph Arthur (already scheduled to perform on a different stage) stepped in.

A long time FUV fave and New Yorker, Joe is an artist in the truest sense of the word. A prolific painter, poet, and songwriter, he's released eleven albums and eleven EPs over the past two decades, not including his two recent collaborative efforts with bands Fistful of Mercy (with Ben Harper and Dhani Harrison) and RNDM (with Pearl Jam's Jeff Ament).

He simultaneously cranks out paintings, literally creating visual art during live shows, which he did during his Clearwater set. We were also treated to some new songs from his new album, Days of Surrender, and old faves too, including "In The Sun" and "Travel As Equals."

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