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Joseph Arthur: 2016

Joseph Arthur at WFUV

Joseph Arthur at WFUV (photo by Sarah Burns)



Like many kids, Joseph Arthur took piano lessons and hated them. He eventually found his creative muse in the guitar and most of his material has been written, recorded, and performed on guitar ever since.

But life has a funny way of bringing things full circle. On his new album, The Family, Arthur found new inspiration in an old 1912 Steinway piano that had been in one family until it ended up in his possession by happenstance.

On his return to FUV Live, I talked with Joseph Arthur about returning to his roots—both by reconnecting with the piano and by learning about his own family history. He sat down at our piano in Studio A for a solo performance of a brand new, politically-fueled song, and another track from The Family

[recorded: 5/26/16]