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John Hiatt: The Sheen Center 2018

John Hiatt at The Sheen Center (photo by Jim O'Hara/WFUV)

John Hiatt at the Sheen Center (photo by Jim O'Hara/WFUV)



John Hiatt has a way with words like few others. For the past 40 years, his fans have been listening, singing along, and finding their own truths in his songs. This year, he's back with a new album — his twenty-third — called The Eclipse Sessions, and it was actually recorded during the 2017 solar eclipse.

Just before the album's release, Hiatt joined us for a solo, acoustic performance at the Sheen Center, and it was full of stories, new songs, and classics. Listen tonight at 8 p.m. on FUV Live or anytime below.


  • Cry To Me
  • Crossing Muddy Waters
  • Aces Up Your Sleeve
  • Poor Imitation of God
  • Seven Little Indians
  • Over The Hill
  • Nothing In My Heart
  • Have A Little Faith In Me

[recorded: 10/10/18]