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Joe Henry: 2017

Joe and Levon Henry at WFUV

Joe and Levon Henry at WFUV (photo by Kristen Riffert)



It is not all that uncommon to find examples of musicians who can also produce, but it is a much rarer thing to encounter a producer who is also a top-notch songwriter and musician.

Over the course of three decades, Joe Henry has produced albums for scores of artists, like Elvis Costello & Allen Touissant, Aimee Mann, Bonnie Raitt, and Solomon Burke. These albums have a sound that is both true to the artist, but immediately recognizable as having Henry's production.

Remarkably, Henry's own discography stretches back to the mid-Eighties, and his music has always been just as distinctive in its sound, stories, and lyricism. Now he's back with Thrum, his fourteenth album, and he returned to Studio A along with his son, the saxophonist Levon Henry, to share some of his latest material and talk to us about the new album.

[recorded: 10/30/17]