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JD McPherson - FUV Live - 2015

Hear an FUV Live session with JD McPherson tonight at 9.



This Oklahoma singer and songwriter offers vintage sounding rock with nods to Forties-era rhythm and blues and Fifties-style rockabilly. Recently, McPherson released his sophomore record, Let the Good Times Roll, showcasing a bigger, more dynamic sound. The album is full of bouncy piano lines, twanging guitar, and McPherson’s wailing croon.

The day after their second Letterman appearance, JD McPherson and his band stopped by Studio A to talk about the new record and perform some new songs in front of an audience of FUV members. McPherson revealed his love for a few TV series, including one old sitcom episode in particular that became the inspiration for one of the songs on the album. He also talked about more traditional influences, like Wilko Johnson. We’ll hear JD McPheron's performance and conversation during this episode of FUV Live.

[Recorded: 2/25/15]

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