Jarryd James: 2015

Image Caption: Jarryd James and band with Alisa Ali at WFUV
by Alisa Ali | 01/12/2016 | 9:32am

Our first introduction to Australian singer and songwriter, Jarryd James was the single “Do You Remember," an immediately entrancing track. The song's seductive flow begins with a creeping rhythm which crescendos to breaking waves of emotion. Sonic layers are stripped back as you slowly drift further into the music.  James’ yearning falsetto also heightens the intensity of this eerily beguiling journey.

During a recent trip to WFUV, James and his band also played "Give Me Something" which can be found on Thirty One, his debut album. Check out the videos of those two powerful performances here and listen to this self professed "shy guy" open up about his musical journey and process.

[recorded: 8/11/15]


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