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Jane Weaver: 2017

Jane Weaver at WFUV

Jane Weaver at WFUV (photo by Dan Tuozzoli)



Liverpool-born Jane Weaver considered herself a more traditional singer and songwriter through much of her early solo career, after her Britpop band, Kill Laura, and a folk group, Misty Dixon, broke up.

While her six early solo full and mini-albums,  like 2006’s Seven Day Smile, were lovely, more folk-rock leaning releases, Weaver admits that she became bored by the confines of her own music. She began to explore electronic music, psychedelic rock and krautrock with a rigorous passion, notably bands like Can and Neu!. And she made a risky decision: she completely altered her sound. Her late bloomer’s breakthrough album, 2014’s The Silver Globe, was remarkable and brought Weaver an entirely new audience and critical acclaim.

Her latest album, 2017’s Modern Kosmology, is her best yet — a gorgeous reverie of krautrock, synth pop, that beguiling motorik beat, and sly, not-quite-love songs.  There’s magic and mysticism and an homage to an influential Swedish abstract artist too.

Jane Weaver made a rare US visit this fall and visited Studio A for a stripped-down solo performance of songs from Modern Kosmology. We chatted about her surprising journey and midlife reinvention too.

[recorded: 10/5/17]