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Ibeyi: SXSW 2015


Lisa-Kaindé and Naomi Diaz, 20-year-old twins with Cuba in their blood and percussive soul in their hearts, have sprung from their home in Paris to take over the world. Where has Ibeyi been hiding all of this time?

The quirky, rhythmic Naomi blends traditional drumbeats and layers of sampled cadence to build a steely spine for their sound (the twins' father was Anga Díaz of Buena Vista Social Club fame). She's the one making the crowd sway in waves from her perch on a cajón percussion box.

The music begins and your shoulders start to move, even before sister Lisa starts to sing. Her lyrics are in English and Yorùbá, a deep keening of loss and beauty. The traditional songs they learned from their mother blend with modern messages of love and sadness, bringing age-old depth to the songs now stuck in your head.