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Horse Feathers: 2018

Horse Feathers at WFUV

Horse Feathers at WFUV (photo by Alexandra Brennan)



It’s Northwest by Northeast today via an FUV Live session with Oregon’s own Horse Feathers. I’ve long been a fan of this band. I first met them about eight years ago when they stopped by to talk about and play songs from their third album, Thistled Spring.

Horse Feathers are now up to their sixth studio album, Appreciation. The new record sees the band expanding on their folky Appalachian sound to include country, soul, and even a little pop. These new textures are carefully woven with their signature sounds of violins and banjos to create a lush mix, with lead singer, Justin Ringle’s warm vocals floating above.

FUV welcomes the band back into Studio A with great appreciation for Appreciation.

[recorded: 6/7/18]