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Honeyblood: 2016

Honeyblood at WFUV

Honeyblood at WFUV (photo by Kristal Ho)



The Glasgow duo Honeyblood released a second album, Babes Never Die, earlier this year — but it’s a debut of sorts too. The album finally captures, on record, the charismatic partnership of founding member Stina Tweeddale and drummer Cat Myers, who stepped in to replace original drummer Shona McVicar back in 2014.

Tweeddale and Myers' kinetic chemistry is evident on Babes Never Die, as is the furious, scorched earth beauty of the duo’s songs. Defiance, strength and resilience are at the heart of Honeyblood’s songwriting and Babes Never Die confidently segues from razor-sharp post-punk to tender, perceptive ballads. Honeyblood’s self-titled debut album was strong, but Babes Never Die is even stronger: a triumph of brains and brawn.

When Tweeddale and Myers visited Studio A, they spoke warmly about their friendship and their many adventures too, including a dream gig with Foo Fighters and an influential tour with Belle and Sebastian. There's a reason why the motto "babes never die" is so meaningful to Tweeddale too (she bears a tattoo with those very words) — which she explains in this FUV Live session.

[recorded: 10/21/16]