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Highlighting Student Journalists

(Photo Courtesy: WFUV News)



Fordham Conversations taps into Fordham University experts, scholars, authors and staff to discuss and uncover issues that impact our world.  In addition, WFUV-FM has a commitment to train the next generations of multimedia broadcast journalist.  It is part of the public radio mission, as well as the mission of Fordham University.   Today’s Fordham Conversations will showcase a few of the stories and interviews student journalists have produced.

Host Robin Shannon talks with Fordham Graduate Student Courtney Bergsieker about her new podcast  
Disharmony: how music is responding to climate crisis.

Fordham Senior Zach Flores visits a book store in Connecticut to get the story behind The Book Barn and it’s amusing and hardworking owner.

Fordham Junior David Escobar talks with Meg Stapleton Smith, a Ph.D. student of Theology at Fordham, about Women, Priests and the Vatican.

Finally, Fordham Graduate Student Kevin Dineen examines the increasing number of rats in New York City.

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