Happyness: 2015

by Kara Manning | 07/21/2015 | 3:49pm


Last year, Jonny Allan, Benji Compston and Ash Cooper of Happyness self-released one of the most impressive debut albums of 2014, the alternately brash, thoughtful, impudent, and lush Weird Little Birthday.

Zigzagging between fast and fuzzed-out rock grenades and gentle, pretty jams, the music of Happyness adroitly taps into the exuberance of American indie rock of the early-mid '90s, but colors it with a witty and slightly surreal British viewpoint. In fact, it's fair to say that Happyness has cleverly recorded an album that would delight fans of both Yo La Tengo and the Mighty Boosh. Given their quirky approach, it's not surprising that Happyness recently supported Super Furry Animals, an equally idiosyncratic band, at the 4Knots Festival in New York.

Weird Little Birthday was re-released in 2015 on Moshi Moshi in the UK and Bar/None in the States and Happyness, who first played WFUV's CMJ showcase before being signed to either label, recently visited to Studio A for a proper session. 

In addition to playing the marvelous "Montreal Rock Band Somewhere" (with its cheeky Arcade Fire references) and "It's On You," found on the expanded edition of their debut album, Allan, Compston and Cooper discussed their collaboration with American producer Adam Lasus, slowly congealing plans of a second album, and their universal adoration of composer Burt Bacharach.


[recorded: 7/9/15]


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