Fordham Conversations: Privacy Education

Image Caption: Fordham Conversations: Privacy Eduction
by Robin Shannon, Alen Kanlic | 05/27/2015 | 11:40am

In an age where status updates and tweets are connected to a person's identity, how can we teach the youth about maintaining their privacy?

Arguably the Internet is one of the greatest tools for communication and it gives the user the ability to communicate and connect with others. But there’s also a downside to being that “connected,” especially for kids who may not be aware of how their Internet activity is going to affect them in the future.

Fordham Law Center on Law and Information Policy released a first-ever curriculum for privacy education geared to middle school students.

Fordham Law student volunteers taught the pilot program last spring at PS191 in New York City, and now Fordham Center on Law and Information Policy (CLIP) is launching a partnership with volunteers from about a dozen universities who will teach the program in middle schools across the country.

The Volunteer Privacy Education Program was developed by Fordham CLIP as part of Jordan Kovnot's Privacy Fellowship and under the leadership of Fordham Law School Professor Joel Reidenberg, the founding director of Fordham CLIP. The spring program will be led by Cameron Russell, Fordham CLIP's Executive Director.

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