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Fordham Conversations: Preparing for the Future in the...

Fordham Conversations: Preparing for the Future in the Present
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A talk about sustainable energy! It's the science behind eco-friendly buildings, solar energy and a brighter future.


This week we discuss how designs and development can be done in an environmental way-- while still fulfilling our present and future demands.

We have a panel of experts weighing in technologies that promote sustainable energy and eco-friendly designs all around the world. That's the idea behind The Annual Sustainable Energy and Design Conference at The Bronx Community College on Oct 16th and 17th. The panel includes:

  • Aaron Socha (FCRH '01)- Director: Center for Sustainable Energy
  • Mark Cupkovic- Vice President, Security and Operations at the New York Botanical
  • Jonathan Trent- Director of OMEGA Global Initiative
  • Greg Bruce-  Executive Manager, Integrated Sustainability Services Department at Townsville City Council.

For more information go to the Bronx Community College Center for Sustainable Energy website